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career transition management


If you do have to leave, here are a few things to help you through the transition process...

  • Leave with dignity.
  • Don’t panic. Your life is changing as it has before. Ahead of you are new opportunities and outcomes that can be highly satisfying.
  • Don’t blow up in public. Don’t tell people what you think and try to settle old scores. Its called ‘burning your bridges behind you’ and it has been recognised throughout history as a mistake. There are more appropriate ways and places to vent. Keep your dignity intact.
  • Don’t beat yourself up. Blaming yourself will only make matters worse and keep you in the past rather than letting you move forward into a new future.
  • Don’t bad-mouth the company. Your criticisms may be interpreted as being a reflection on you rather than the company. It raises questions in others minds about how well [or poorly] you deal with difficult situations.
  • Be kind to yourself. Take time out. Reward yourself and do some pleasurable things simply because you can.