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emotional management at work

There is much written about ‘emotional intelligence’ and its importance in our work and personal lives. We prefer to call it emotional maturity because it is our ability to master our emotions which enhances outcomes in life rather than inhibiting them.

In other words, it is about our capacity to learn to be the masters of our emotions rather than at their mercy. As tough as it is, our learned emotional responses to particular circumstances and events can be mastered. However, ‘old habits die hard’ so there are no quick fixes. It is an infinite pursuit throughout our lives.

A pursuit that enables us to be truly free of ego so that we can develop the generosity of spirit that underpins excellent working and personal relationships. It is not about manipulating our environment to get what we want. It is about being an authentic human being who demonstrates respect for self and others in all areas of our lives.

  • Our programs are suited to leaders and managers who need to master their emotions so that they do not ‘dump’ their frustrations on others. Where they can learn to be true to themselves and behave in a way that encourages and enables people rather than blaming and intimidating them.
  • It is about creating environments where people are motivated and committed to what they are doing and achieving organisational outcomes. In other words, delivering on the real function of leadership.
  • It takes courage and a willingness to truly grow.
  • Each individual program is tailored to the situation that is openly discussed and agreed to by all parties.