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career coaching & development


The combination of coaching and development is powerful for:

  • Preparing people for restructuring and reapplying for positions in a new structure
  • Redeployment and aligning employee skills with other roles within an organisation
  • Increasing satisfaction and motivation through better alignment of values and objectives
  • Assisting the organisation to perform at its best with accurate alignment of skills, competencies and values.
  • Promoting and encouraging self direction, lifelong learning and access to choice.
  • Empowering people with the understanding of the changing nature of work and providing the support on which to base decisions about their future.

Jobshift Career Management Services align people with the strategic directions of the organisation they work for. The benefits extend from the individual, through to management and to the organisation as a whole.

Our executive coaching programs benefit formal leaders through enabling them to align their personal approach from which to leverage business performance.

Although Career Coaching can be used as a remedial ‘tool’ it is best used to enhance performance and align or realign people with their chosen career direction.